Academically led Clinical Research Organization

"To unite academic leadership with operational expertise to optimize the quality of clinical research and improve health"


Full Service Clinical Research

CPC offers full service clinical trial design, oversight, and management with rapid access to Key Opinion Leaders in a variety of therapeutic areas. These individuals are on the cutting edge of scientific, clinical and regulatory developments. Many of CPC's leadership team have chaired and/or served on FDA advisory committees including the Cardiovascular and Renal, Endocrine and Metabolism, and Reproductive Health committees.

Endpoint Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP)

CPC Clinical Research distinguishes itself from for-profit CROs with our Endpoint Quality Intervention Program (EQuIP):
EQuIP integrates sound clinical science, rigorous endpoint training and data collection, and Committee leadership to result in an efficient, effective clinical trial with the highest potential for successful and conclusive determination of trial results.

Collaborative Approach

CPC is known for its collaborative approach with sponsors, sites, and vendors providing superior communication and seamless clinical trial management. When CPC infuses scientific leadership and academic credibility into clinical trial services, the results speak for themselves.