CPC’s Endpoint Quality Intervention Program (EQuIP)® Wound Core Lab successfully decreases variability of wound measurement and adjudication of complete wound healing.

Systematic errors in wound acquisition, documentation, and measurement account for inconsistency and variability of wound measurements in clinical trials. Additionally, adjudication of full wound closure, when based entirely on the investigational study site’s assessment, is often inaccurate and can lead to the inability to detect a product’s effect on the primary endpoint.


Key advantages of EQuIP®:

In alignment with the FDA Guidance ‘Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoint Process Standards’ released April 2018

Led by Dr. Mark Nehler, Professor of Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Medicine and Director of Scientific & Medical Affairs, CPC Clinical Research

Staffed by specially trained wound experts

Provides systematic and centralized assessment of wound size and closure

Integrates easily with state-of-the-art wound capture technologies

Increases precision of endpoint assessment

CPC’s EQuIP® Wound Core Lab is central to the success of wound product clinical trials.