Are you going to invest time and money in your clinical trial only to miss important information regarding your wound healing endpoint?

Not if you partner with CPC's Wound Core Lab

Wound measurement and complete wound healing adjudication are functional endpoints that CPC’s Endpoint Quality Intervention Program (EQuIP®) has a proven track record of successfully standardizing. Successful clinical trials targeting wound healing require centralized assessment of wound size and complete wound healing. Many clinical trials with wound closure or wound size as primary or secondary endpoints are challenged by significant variability in the methods of collection and assessment of wound data. Often, systematic errors in the acquisition, documentation, and measurement of the wound account for the inconsistent and highly variable wound assessments observed among recent clinical trials. Even if the site determines if the wound is completely healed, an external and objective wound core laboratory can provide critical confirmation.

Whether the endpoint is measured through traditional wound acetate tracings or photographic images, your data collection and analysis are optimized with the CPC Wound Core Lab.

How do we successfully minimize errors and variability?

CPC’s Wound Core Lab was established in response to these problems, to improve and better standardize the collection and analysis of wound related data. Using state of the art methods developed by clinical and scientific experts, CPC provides a unique solution for minimizing the factors which can lead to errors and variability in your trial.


Expert clinical trial study design including standardization of the background wound care therapy


State of the art data collection technology

Variable Control

Controlling variables of wound assessment (e.g., real time quality control of images and/or acetates, prompt site feedback and corrective intervention)